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ISSN: 2665-1890 (En línea)

Revista de Tecnología
en Diseño, Artes fílmicas
y Comunicación Visual

Journal Of Technology
in Design, Film Arts
and Visual Communication

ACTIO Journal of Technology in Design, Film Arts, and Visual Communication is focused on disciplinary and transdisciplinary knowledge, a space where the crossing of disciplines contributes as much as the disciplines themselves. Hence its name, “action” in Latin, ‘to do, act or function a thing’. In ACTIO we intend that these three areas of knowledge —design, filmic arts and visual communication—«contaminate», enrich and dynamize each other, and generate, through their contact, new actions.

As a publication by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, ACTIO is part of an initiative towards a Policy of Knowledge Management, and is projected as an open access, indexed publication, with an annual periodicity. It is published in digital form and includes articles in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. Its purpose is to familiarize the academic community with original articles, resulting from research and creation in the different fields of design, filmic arts and visual communication, aimed at the disciplinary and transdisciplinary teaching in these areas.


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